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Indiana Teacher's Aide staples paper to student's head

By Karyn Chenoweth Oct 11, 2007, 22:30 GMT

A fourth-grade teacher's aide resigned after he was accused of trying to staple a piece of paper to a student's forehead.

Plymouth, Indiana school district Superintendent John Hill would not identify the aide or the class at Jefferson Elementary School.

"We're just sorry that it happened," Hill said Wednesday night. "We don't expect our people to behave in that manner. That person is no longer employed by the school corporation."

Indiana Channel 6 TV station reports that Principal Bob Remenih said he could not comment on a student or personnel matter. But Natalie Wilson, the fourth-grader's mother, told the South Bend Tribune that the principal called her shortly before her daughter got on the school bus Monday, more than three hours after the incident occurred.

"I should have been told immediately," Wilson told the newspaper.

Wilson said her daughter told her she had picked up a Post-It note from the floor and stuck it to her forehead. The aide told her to remove the paper from her forehead or he would staple it there permanently. When the student failed to remove the paper, the aide approached her with a stapler and pushed it against her forehead, Wilson said.

There were "two holes in her head," the mother said. "It actually punctured her skin. This was not an acciden

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